When did you last do your double-unders?

Stop trying to do the perfect double and start doing your double-unders in a way that will work.

The more you double-up, the more you will get to know how to do them. It’s not a goal, it’s a process. It’s not about perfection. It’s about consistent, predictable successes.

woman jumping-rope fitness

What if you could double your success from one day to the next? How could you feel better if you had more success to go to for the next day? In addition to those double-unders, we want more double down. How do we do that? When there is only one good thing left to do. How quickly we change our focus and become distracted from what is important. But, in a way, that is just what it takes to do good.


The fact we only have one good thing left to do is just what it takes for us to start doing well, at work and at home. Double down. Start with the double. When there is only one good thing left to do.

🧔 🎖️

Then, double it down. Remember how fast we went from single to double. The sooner you do it, the better. Now do the double-unders before something better comes along. It is about being smart about how quickly we switch gears. For example, I did a lot of double-unders, but one morning I said, “I need to double down on my double ups.” I had already done them, but this time, I kept doing them and I increased the double-ups from three to 10.